Nançay Radiotelescope

Schedule of the CdP programs for Jui 2024 : txt, png, gif, ps and ps (A3)
        Previous month is here
Users are invited to submit their observations lists in an ASCII format text file compatible with the one directly sent to the telescope !

Using the time slot description found in 'txt' files below, you should send something like :
        # JD= 2459991.214861 2459991.256412 ProgSlt= PSRti IdSlt= 202302150300 (dATE= 2023 02 15 ts= 03 00 04 00)
        DUIC 155
        EXEC MAP 107.150 SOU 523.150 TSFI 0400
    The first line points to the time slot, extracted from the 'txt' file below (commented here with # character)
    The lines after are corresponding to the observations to be conducted during that time slot
      the format is quite obvious but don't hesitate to ask for clarification :
        start specifying you UIC index, just with 'DUIC MyUIC' and continue with 1 line per observation
        after the 'EXEC', you will put Keywords followed by Values : 'SOU SOUindex', 'MAP MAPindex', 'TSFI EndingSideralTime', 'NCYC MaxNumberOfCycles', etc...

P1A01 ( CO COw12 ) : gif ps txt

S15A02 ( Oceti ) : gif ps txt

S20A03 ( fastOH ) : gif ps txt

S8A05 ( OHIR ) : gif ps txt

S7B13 ( OHsfr ) : gif ps txt

PSR ( PSRgr PSRti PSRleap ) : gif ps txt

S22A_Hew ( FRBh ) : gif ps txt

S16A11 ( LTMK ) : gif ps txt

T1A24 ( Maintenance ARRET ) : gif ps txt

T1A22 ( SR Poi Cal Tpo Tca Tct Tests_Complets ) : gif ps txt

T2B24 ( TEST TESTjmm TESTeric TESTwibar TESTpsr TESTohir TESTsandra TESTOHm ) : gif ps txt

T1A26 ( Dir DirEric DirOHsfr DirJmm DirPSR DirOCeti DirOHIR DirOHm DirWIBAR ToO ToOSEv ToOEric ToOCo ToOHIR ToOceti ) : gif ps txt