Nançay Radiotelescope

Schedule of the CdP programs for Mai 2023 : txt, png, gif, ps and ps (A3)
        Previous month is here
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Long painting operations will start mid of May.
From mid-May to end of May, we currently plan to have 9 mirrors available over a total of 10 (80% of the telescope).
Note that starting early June to the end of July (for ~2 months), the telescope will NOT OPERATE AT ALL !
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Our telescope operator Daniel is going to leave us at the end of this semester for a well deserved retirement !
We propose a smooth transition to a new way to get your list of observations.
The time slots allocated for your program are fully described in the 'txt' files (follow the links below).

Starting in February 2023, users were invited to submit their observations lists in an ASCII format text file
compatible with the one directly sent to the telescope !
Using the time slot description found in 'txt' files below, you should send something like :
        # JD= 2459991.214861 2459991.256412 ProgSlt= PSRti IdSlt= 202302150300 (dATE= 2023 02 15 ts= 03 00 04 00)
        DUIC 155
        EXEC MAP 107.150 SOU 523.150 TSFI 0400
    The first line points to the time slot, extracted from the 'txt' file below (commented here with # character)
    The lines after are corresponding to the observations to be conducted during that time slot
      the format is quite obvious but don't hesitate to ask for clarification, we have a few months to settle...
        start specifying you UIC index, just with 'DUIC MyUIC' and continue with 1 line per observation
        after the 'EXEC', you will put Keywords followed by Values : 'SOU SOUindex', 'MAP MAPindex',
            'TSFI EndingSideralTime', 'NCYC MaxNumberOfCycles', etc...

For May observations, we PROPOSE you also START TO put thoses files within a directory named 'observations/'
on your 'nrt/nrtd' home (where you create/modify MAPs and SOUs).
Ideally, the files should be named following the IdSlt (or IndexOfSlot) you can find in 'txt' files.
Use the field after the keyword 'IdSlt='... the IdSlt being built using date and sideral_time,
    it will be easier to identify and it will prevent overwriting previous files.
A code will regularly collect all those files, check thema and build the schedule to be sent to the telescope...
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S15A02 ( Oceti ) : gif ps txt

S20A03 ( fastOH ) : gif ps txt

S8A05 ( OHIR ) : gif ps txt

S7B13 ( OHsfr ) : gif ps txt

PSR ( PSRgr PSRti PSRleap ) : gif ps txt

S22A_Hew ( FRBh ) : gif ps txt

S16A11 ( LTMK ) : gif ps txt

S22B_Ham ( TipMS ) : gif ps txt

T1A24 ( Maintenance ARRET ) : gif ps txt

T1A22 ( SR Poi Cal Tpo Tca Tct Tests_Complets ) : gif ps txt

T2B24 ( Ens TEST TESTjmm TESTeric TESTwibar TESTpsr TESTohir TESTsandra TESTOHm ) : gif ps txt

T1A26 ( Dir DirEric DirOHsfr DirJmm DirPSR DirVD DirOCeti DirOHIR DirCFlo DirOHm DirWIBAR ToO ToOSEv ToOEric ToOCo ToOHIR ToOceti ToOceti ) : gif ps txt