Nançay Radiotelescope

Warning !!
Due to maintenance (painting and structure strengthening) and weather depending,
   the schedule will probably be strongly perturbed from May 21st until the end of the semester.
Warning !!

Schedule of the CdP programs for Mai 2018 : txt, gif, ps and ps (A3)
        Previous month is here

List of Programs (with color allocations) : gif gif_2 ps

Note that NRT users can find all those files on host "nrt" (/home/fm) along with softwares (do a "man fm") which enable further processes.

S9A04-S11B04 ( Oceti ) : gif ps txt

S8A05 ( OHIR ) : gif ps txt

S7B13-S9A07 ( OHsfr ) : gif ps txt

X9999 ( OHmaser LowFEL ) : gif ps txt

S6A13 ( NAP NAP3 ) : gif ps txt

S12A09 ( PSRgr PulX ) : gif ps txt

S1A07-S6A10-S12A09 ( PSRti ) : gif ps txt

S6B13 ( PSRfer ) : gif ps txt

T1A24 ( Maintenance ARRET ) : gif ps txt

T1A22 ( SR Poi Cal Tpo Tca Tct Tests_Complets ) : gif ps txt

T2B24 ( TEST TESTjmm TESTeric TESTwibar TESTpsr TESTfan TESTgreg TEST4G TESTvd TESTohir TESTsandra TESTmp TESTnap TESTCFl TESTiri TESTiri ) : gif ps txt

T1A26 ( Dir DirEric DirOHsfr DirJmm DirPSR DirMP DirOCeti DirOHIR DirCFlo DirOHm DirHIc DirHESS DirWIBAR DirLowF ToO ToOV ToOceti ToOceti ) : gif ps txt