Reconstruction and Short-term Forecast of the Total Solar Irradiance

TSI Comparison between the TSI measured by TIM instrument on board of SORCE spacecraft (blue) and computed employing the neural network model (red line). For reference, the green line displays the TSI computed employing a SATIRE-like model. The dashed vertical blue line presents the time instant of the last update. Data file: tsi_last.txt
TSI Example of a 06-hour forecast training section of the neural network model for the TSI. The upper panel shows the evolution of the contributions from classes II, III, and IV. The Panel (b) presents the evolution of umbrae and penumbrae. The panel (c) shows the evolution of the feedback of the first layer to the input of this layer. The panel (d) shows a comparison between the output of the model (red curve) and the observations. For reference, the output of the same model, but with a linear transfer function in the hidden layer is presented. The training and validation sets are marked in the panel (d).