Nançay Radiotelescope

Schedule of the CdP programs for Avr 2021 : txt, png, gif, ps and ps (A3)
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List of Programs (with color allocations) : gif gif_2 ps

Note that NRT users can find all those files on host "nrt" (/home/fm) along with softwares (do a "man fm") which enable further processes.

P1A01 ( CO COw12 ) : gif ps txt

S15A02 ( Oceti ) : gif ps txt

S20A03 ( fastOH ) : gif ps txt

S8A05 ( OHIR ) : gif ps txt

S7B13 ( OHsfr ) : gif ps txt

PSR ( PSRgr PSRti PSRleap PSRfer LOTASS ) : gif ps txt

T1A24 ( Maintenance ARRET ) : gif ps txt

T1A22 ( SR Poi Cal Tpo Tca Tct Tests_Complets ) : gif ps txt

T2B24 ( Ens TEST TESTjmm TESTeric TESTwibar TESTpsr TESTohir TESTsandra TESTOHm ) : gif ps txt

T1A26 ( Dir DirEric DirOHsfr DirJmm DirPSR DirVD DirOCeti DirOHIR DirCFlo DirOHm DirWIBAR ToO ToOSEv ToOEric ToOCo ToOHIR ToOceti ToOceti ) : gif ps txt